Hard to Read

Hard to Read

“At any rate, isn’t it lovely to, once in a while, feel small in the presence of your friend? Awed. Fortunate to experience nearness that calls upon space.” 
—Durga Chew-Bose, Too Much and Not the Mood

Join us for the launch of Too Much and Not the Mood, Durga Chew-Bose’s debut collection of love letters, lyrics, longings, and lists, studies, reflections, and portraits on and of and to and for friends, family, color, film, favoring, language, fruits, and more. Chew-Bose will be read alongside friends and friends of friends: Sarah Nicole Prickett, Grace Dunham, and Aria Dean. A discussion will follow the readings. 

Hosted by Fiona Alison Duncan, this is part of the Standard's monthly reading series HARD to READ.

Durga Chew-Bose is a writer based in Montreal. Her debut collection of essays Too Much and Not the Mood came out last month. She will be at Cinefamily on Tuesday, more on this event here
Sarah Nicole Prickett is a writer and the founding editor of Adult magazine. She is from Deep River, Ontario and lives in Manhattan.

Grace Dunham is a writer and activist from New York City. Grace lives in Los Angeles, where they are completing development on Support.fm, an platform for fundraising bail & bond money. 

Aria Dean is an artist and writer from Los Angeles, CA.