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The Tastemaker: Free-Spirited Sips at The Standard

Dry January comes once a year—but mocktails are always in season. Whether you’re taking a short break from booze or just craving a zero-proof craft bevvie, we’re going all out with new, tasty drinks this month.
Here’s the thing: We take our mocktails as seriously as we take our cocktails. Pro mixologists at The Standard have concocted endlessly sippable drinks with some of the world’s best non-alcoholic spirits. No hangover, no problem. So if you’ve gone teetotal (for now or forever), we’ve got you covered. Cheers!
Take a taste of our favorite mocktails…

Limonada de Coco 

Ingredients: Coconut milk, syrup, lime juice & mint

Best Enjoyed: Poolside, soaking up rays on the bay.

Kiss Me

Ingredients: Seedlip Spice 94, sour cherry cordial & Tahitian lime

Best Enjoyed: Post-dinner, a deep and fruity zero-proof nightcap.

Menthe & Bulle 

Ingredients: Fresh mint, key lime cordial & soda

Best Enjoyed: With a dozen oysters to kick off your night.

Fehi Joos

Ingredients: Fresh cucumber juice, fresh green apple, celery leaves, parsley, ginger, fresh lemon juice & honey

Best Enjoyed: In the morning, with a glorious day of sunning ahead of you.

Madame Ruby

Ingredients: Kin Euphorics Bloom, strawberry, tarragon & lemon

Best Enjoyed: In the thick of nights out in NO BAR. 

Nordic J & T

Ingredients: 0% ABV SONO “Nordic Gin” syrup, Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic, lime

Best Enjoyed: During a lazy afternoon enjoying lush gardens + sea breeze.

Recovery Potion

Ingredients: Maracuya, lima, cranberry juice & soda.

Best Enjoyed: Over brunch or lunch, while you shake off your late night on Isla Blanca.

The Petals

Ingredients: Apple, yuzu & chulalongkorn rose

Best Enjoyed: Gazing at the Bangkok skyline with a glass of Thai heritage in hand.


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