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The Tastemaker: Coming in Hot

Ready to bring the heat? Whether you're feeling subtle or bold, we have all the flavors needed to spice up your Spring.
Take a taste of...

Lechón & Pipian

The Taste: Crispy suckling pig, green pipian, pistachio + fresh herbs.

Best enjoyed: When you’re feeling extra in Ojo. 

Alter Ego: Snazzy Spice

Jalapeño Highball 

The taste: An elevated gin and tonic with a touch of dry vermouth + a verdant jalapeño vinegar. 

Best Enjoyed: When you really, really want it.

Alter Ego: Posh Spice (duh)

Spice Margarita

The Taste: house tequila or mezcal agave, lime, poblano & serrano pepper juices + jalapeño salt.

Best Enjoyed: Marg in one hand, taco in the other at La Plaz. 

Alter Ego: Tipsy Spice

Pimienta Michelada

The Taste: Garden herb vodka, pineapple, citrus + hot sauce with a smoked paprika + sumac rim.

Best Enjoyed: Catching some May rays in The Garden.

Alter Ego: Tangy Spice

Tao Hoo Tod Raad Sauce

The Taste: Fried Tofu, crispy shallots + a tamarind glaze with dried chili.

Best Enjoyed: When your latest clean green era drops.

Alter Ego: Veggie Spice

Rubi Rosa

The Taste: Tequila, pandan, lime + grapefruit soda with a tajín rim. 

Best Enjoyed: On the rooftop, pregaming for Ushuaia. 

Alter Ego: Flirty Spice

Fried Whole Snapper

The Taste: Head and tail-on with paprika adobo.

Best Enjoyed: After throwing your work laptop in the bay.

Alter Ego: Snappy Spice

Hanaakuri Boava

The Taste: octopus served with coconut chapatti + rice and a blend of Maldivian spices.

Best enjoyed: 9,000 miles away from your ex (yep, that one).

Alter Ego: Tropic Spice

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