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The Tastemaker: Florals

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

We know, we know. It's spring, so we're talking about flowers. But who can blame us? At our bars and restaurants around the world, we're tiptoeing through the tulips and smelling the roses. You'll find cocktails, dishes and desserts that take flower power to delicious new places.

Take a taste of...

Niña de las Flores

The Taste: jasmine tea mixed with mezcal, lavender, rosemary, juniper + cold-pressed lime.

Flower: jasmine, lavender + orchid

Best Enjoyed: pre-sauna + steam. 

Seang Wa Poo

The Taste: blue crab salad topped with lemongrass, coriander + ceylon spinach flowers.

Flower: malabar

Best Enjoyed: on a hot girl spring cleanse.

Hazy Daisy

The Taste: sake, lychee + lemon

Flower: cape marguerite

Best Enjoyed: on the rooftop during golden hour.

Rosa Paloma

The Taste: blanco tequila, rosa aperitif, pink grapefruit, lime, passion fruit & a pinch of salt. 

Flower: Rose

Best Enjoyed: with ham and cheese on a roll, IYKYK. 

Sunflower Jelly

The Taste: mixed berries + fresh flowers

Flower: sunflower, bride of Barbados + daisies

Best Enjoyed: as a Songkran sweet treat

Spring Fling

The Taste: a sweet mixture of vodka, sorel, pomegranate, pineapple + citrus. 

Flower: China aster

Best Enjoyed: with your situationship...

City Slicker

The Taste: an aperitif twist on the cosmo, made with cherry blossom, cranberry, triple sec + a champagne top off.

Flower: cherry blossom

Best Enjoyed: night-cap style, in the weekend's wee hours. 

Butterfly Blossom

The Taste: butterfly pea tea infused gin mixed with pineapple + lime juice, coconut water, + lavender syrup.

Flower: butterfly pea + lavender

Best Enjoyed: after a long day of bronzing.

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