Café Standard

Carol Away in the Café

Carol Away in the Café

Café Standard, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

We're on our most festive behavior this holiday season with a weekly live carol series in Café Standard. Our favorite NYC musicians will be popping by with carols & other classics for your listening enjoyment. Kick back with a post-work cocktail or snack & soak up the seasonal cheer.

Tue. Dec. 13
Devon Perry
Jazz-inspired vocalist & pianist 

Wed. Dec. 21
Kaya NicoleAlicyn Yaffee 
Jazz vocalist & electric guitarist 

Wed. Dec. 28
Danielle Sopchak + Lee Kaufman
Flutist & guitarist 

Seats are free, first-come, first-serve with food or drink purchase at Café Standard

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