The Standard Biergarten

Bar Crawl

Bar Crawl

Why walk when you can crawl, and never leave the house, so to speak. We introduce “Not Your Standard Bar Crawl”—a multi-sensory cocktail experience throughout The Standard, High Line. 

To document your journey, you’ll be provided with a special passport, to be stamped as you visit each location. All the while, you’ll never need to cross a rope or go through customs!

 $99 per person, per journey. 

Every Sunday from 2pm-6pm. ( Click on the dates below to book)
11.13 & 11.20

The Roadmap:

-Kick it off at The Biergarten where you’ll be greeted with a Paloma & Pretzel

-Take the lift to 18 for Le Bain and enjoy a Disco Devil, not to mention a Killer view

-Then pop down to The Plaza for Pizzas and a refreshing Aperitif

-Finish it up at The Standard Grill with a Tequila Old-Fashioned that is to die for (and wings)!