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Spa Specials

Spa Specials

February Spa Specials

Moroccan Lovers’ Dream
Surrender yourself to our care for this full body ritual derived from traditional Moroccan hamam experiences. You will be deeply cleansed from head to toe using a kessa glove and traditional olive oil soap, followed by a final exfoliation. We then move on to face, hair and scalp to complete the ritual cleanse. Finally, a richly scented candle massage to prepare you for blissful dreams.  // 120 min. $385, regularly $410

Couple’s Compatibility Astrology Readings
Cosmic love, discover the energetic signature between you and your partner. Learn to better understand each other by seeing the cosmic blueprint of you and your loved one.  We can see how your charts affect each other, where you blend easily, and what the challenges might be. // 120 min. $385

At least 24 hours in advance of your session, we need the time, date, and city of birth of each member of the couple to prepare the charts. Email them to

Double Lift
This restorative vitality facial starts with magic hands manually sculpting crystal powder and customized serums into your skin to lift and stimulate the complexion. Then we repair the skin on a cellular level using the most advanced tissue-regulated technology available. The gentle currents work to duplicate your own body’s energy to assist and repair cellular imbalances. It improves the skin’s texture and tone by scanning for cells that are not functioning at their peak and stimulates them toward optimal function. Instantly tightens, firms, and lifts. The results are glowing-restored luster and clarified skin. // 90 min. $290, regularly $315

Shellac Manicure + Pedicure
Life is busy and making the most efficient use of time is one of the best ways to keep things moving in the right direction. Weekly nail pampering is one of life’s simple pleasures, but sometimes we cannot squeeze it in. Let us give your hands and feet the love they need and end with shellac polish so they stay looking sparkly and fresh for a little longer. // 135 min. $150, regularly $162

Personal Training
Get inspired, and motivated and make fitness and wellbeing part of your lifestyle. Goal setting, customized training programs, a large range and a variety of training techniques, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, weight management, and more to create and incorporate into everyday life. // 60 min. $150

One-on-One Yoga
Enjoy the opportunity to begin a practice with personal guidance or deepen your existing practice with a private yoga session of your preferred path and with your preferred instructor. See the spa desk for yoga styles and to schedule your sessions. Afterwards, reward yourself with a hydrotherapy circuit and a DIY Meditation Bath. You'll feel brand new from the inside out. // 60 min. $150

One-on-One Tai Chi
Discover the art of "meditation in motion" through tai chi. This holistic practice uses gentle movements, dynamic stretching, and a deep focus on self-awareness. Embrace the unification of mind, body, and spirit, leading to a relaxed, grounded state. With practice, you will unlock enhanced body awareness and improved balance, strength, flexibility, posture, focus, and resilience to life's stressors. No special clothing is necessary. // 60 min. $150