Miami Beach

Spa Specials

Spa Specials

Acupuncture Seasonal Boost

By supporting our nature, we can achieve our destiny! The wisdom of Chinese Medicine has three realms, heaven, human and earth and three levels addressing the body, mind and spirit. The stress of everyday life creates blockages in our 14 energy meridians, located throughout the body. Restoring complete balance to these meridians is key to promoting ultimate health and feeling good. Acupuncture will help the Qi in your body flow more smoothly, reveal and enhance your energy potential unveiling the layers of your body, mind and spiritual wellbeing to nourish your destiny. 
$495 includes initial consultation + two follow up sessions, regularly $595

Detox Cleanse

We all know the signs – extreme fatigue, dehydration and indigestion – now we know the cure. This dynamic therapeutic massage will increase circulation, expel toxins, restore balance and reduce muscle aches and pains. Complete with custom aromatherapy oils, body brushing and belly massage.
90 min. $277, regularly $315

Fetish Pedicure

You know who you are…you always ask them to “just rub my feet a little longer.” This is the pedicure for you. You get the same quality pedicure you expect from the Standard with that extra attention you crave.
75 min $85, regularly $96

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Hot and cold stones are used to provide a healing and cleansing of the body. When placed on specific areas such as meridian points, chakras and areas of chronic stress, hot stones directly relax muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than massage alone. Cold stones cause the blood vessels to constrict, stimulating the nervous system and wringing out the muscles of old blood and waste products.
90 min. $277, regularly $315

Marine Enzyme Facial
This facial features an exceptionally pleasant fruit enzyme treatment that gently provides skin with the exfoliation-boosting effects of pineapple and papaya. Additionally, the extraordinary benefits of Laminaria Digitata Extract lavish the skin with high concentrations of marine minerals to hydrate and impart a velvety texture. Gotu Kola provides antioxidant, firming, and soothing benefits. After one treatment, skin is less red and more vibrant, feels tightened, and pore size is visibly lessened.
75 min. $250, regularly $265

The Standard Scrub

Inspire your skin with a vigorous full body scrubdown, sure to leave you silky smooth and get your blood flowing. Begin in our Aroma Steam Room or full-length soaking tubs to soften skin and open pores. Follow with a stimulating gingergrass and bamboo exfoliation. Then finish with a luscious blood orange head-to-toe rockyour-body cleansing. (Not recommended for sunburned or sensitive skin.) 
30 min. $158

The Triathlete

You are ready to go but your body is not so sure. Let us help you get back in top form. First, a customized sequence of compressions and stretches to limber the joints and breathe new life into those recalcitrant muscles. Then, a focused foot massage to get ready for those running shoes. Training never felt so good.
120 min. $325, regularly $359