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Your Soul Agenda

Your Soul Agenda

Have you noticed that your life seems to be following a specific pattern? The types of people, the events, the circumstances – all seem to be telling the same story over and over again; as if there were an Agenda embedded into your DNA and your life is arranging itself to play it out. Sometimes this pattern is exactly what you want and more often than not, it just gives you frustration. Come join Ollga Belova, our resident Soul Coach, to find out how to find and unlock your Soul Agenda to experience the best version of the life that is meant for you. During the workshop, you will learn about the contract your soul has made for this lifetime (the Soul Agenda), the ten basic Life Purposes with their specific names, the flip side of each purpose, and so much more! Spoiler alert: One lucky person will get a free reading!

$45 includes indoor baths I $75 includes spa day pass

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