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CANCELED: Yoga + Pilates Mashup

CANCELED: Yoga + Pilates Mashup

At this time, this event has been canceled. Please check back for updates and a possible reschedule.

Yoga and Pilates don’t have to be two separate practices. They can work together to help strengthen your core, lengthen your spine and body, and improve alignment. 

In this mash up, we will hold some poses, flow through others, and incorporate the rhythmic practice of Pilates movements repeated 5 to 10 times for each exercise. This Mash Up has a simultaneous emphasis on flow of movement while maintaining control.

Get ready to burn and work. Kym Klein will be leading this Yoga/Pilates Mash Up class with wind-down time in the spa until 10pm. 

$45 includes indoor baths | $150 includes Spa Day Pass