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Keep Your Yin Power Strong
Keep Your Yin Power Strong
Keep your Yin Power Strong - Women's Wisdom with Ayurveda, Yin Yoga & Sacred Dance Elements What does it mean to be a woman and be feminine in times of #metoo and reignited equality debates? As women, we have access to a huge power of creation and intuition that we keep forgetting about in today’s very masculine-oriented society. We remember when we spend time with other women of different ages and backgrounds. When we dance, share, and meditate together. Women have to come together to keep their yin power alive and strong. The ancient health system of Ayurveda has some powerful tools in store that you can resort to in your everyday life to stay connected to your inner wisdom. Paired with elements of Sacred Dance and Yin Yoga, we will access the power of our wombs by trembling and shaking and going deep within. Let’s share some love. Let’s remember that we are all going through the same things. Let's come together and leave more clear and strong, but in a gentle way. In a Yin way.

$45 includes indoor baths | $150 includes Spa Day Pass


Sunday May 13, 2018
6:30 - 8:30P