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Tea Meditation Ceremony

Tea Meditation Ceremony

Sunday May 12, 3 - 4:30P or 5 - 6:30P with Katya Luce

Tea meditation ceremony is a beautiful nourishing practice that brings a greater sense of peace and gratitude. Tea opens the heart, clears the mind, settles the soul and illuminates the Spirit, reminding us to “take time out, to become totally present’.

High vibrational, purely organic, mindfully curated teas are served. Tea is both medicine and spiritual elixir. For millennia, people have used tea medicinally, to purge the body of unwanted toxins, clear and settle the mind and illuminate the spirit. As we sit with tea, we unfold gracefully and are transported into harmonious presence, our senses are fully awakened, bringing us into a state of communion and oneness. Behind the leaves, the intention of sitting with tea is to: awaken and empower personal growth and encourage connection to earth elements.

A few of the many benefits of Tea Meditation:
* Warms the liver
* Clears stagnant energy
* Increases healthy bacteria flora in the belly
* Contains natural GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) the inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system: ~ reducing stress and anxiety, calming ~ increasing melatonin production ~ mood uplifting ~ improves sleep

Drop in to a deeply peaceful state of mind, deepening your meditation practice or simply develop a daily practice and ritual to retreat to a peaceful environment.Join us on this inner journey exploring ancient mysteries of tea.

RSVP required as space is limited to 12 participants

$45 includes indoor baths |$150 includes Spa Day Pass