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Summer Transformation: Explore you Akashic Records Level 1: Two Day Workshop

Summer Transformation: Explore you Akashic Records Level 1: Two Day Workshop

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to tap into a realm of truth, knowledge and awareness?  Something as simple as turning on your computer and asking a question?  Then join Lorraine Meyer, The Standard’s Reiki Master and Akashic Records Teacher, as she leads the Akashic Records Reading Workshop. This journey through time and space does not require hours of meditation and anyone can learn to connect to what has been called, “The Book of Life.” 

The energy and vibration of each Soul’s journey is recorded in the matrix that surrounds us. Everyone has the potential to connect to this information. Once we are linked into this intelligence, it is possible to receive guidance; healing and much more from those Lorraine lovingly refers to as our Masters, Teachers and Guides. These are the energetic entities, who many call their angels, muses, guardians and spirit guides.

In this two day workshop, Lorraine will share a sacred prayer, which acts as the “key” to opening your own records. Heart expanding, life affirming, healing exercises validate your connection to the Akashic Records. By the end of the day, each participant will feel comfortable accessing their own Akashic Records and receiving answers to questions they may have about their own life, including, but not limited to; the challenges they have faced and the possibilities they have created.

Each participant received the One True Love Manual as well as a copy of the book, Akashic Records - One True Love by Gabrielle Orr. $225 includes Saturday & Sunday Spa Day Pass. (without sleepover) *Book your retreat sleepover with promo code REIKI for special stay rates. We recommend to book early best rate and availability.