Lido Bayside Grill

Standard Bites: Yaki + Ramen

Standard Bites: Yaki + Ramen

Come join us at Lido Bayside Grill for week long Standard Bites pop-ups featuring Yaki (January 20 - 24th) and Ramen (January 27 - 31) style food and drinks! Yaki is short for Yakitori- a chicken skewer grilled over a charcoal fire. The term Yaki is sometimes used informally for kushiyaki (grilled and skewered foods) in general.
View the menus below and stop by whenever you're hankering for some good eats. 12PM - Close


Ramen, January 27-31
Moro Miso Ramen $18: miso broth, bamboo, tofu, gailan (vegan)
Tonkotsu $18: pork bone broth, black garlic oil, pickled ginger, ramen egg, pork belly, scallion

Yaki, January 20-24
Chicken Skin $6
Chicken Thigh + Green Onion $8
Tsukune (Japanese Chicken Meatballs) $8
Pork Belly $10
Shortrib $12
Scallop $16