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H2-OM: Happy Hips and Shoulders
H2-OM: Happy Hips and Shoulders
Urban dwellers live high pace, stressful lives. At times, negative emotions like fear and guilt, create zones of high density around hips and shoulders. We feel tight, limited, and stuck in our upper and lower bodies. Hips are closing and shoulders are slouching as we build a protective shell to hide behind. To be free, open and relaxed we need to release these zones. Experience the euphoria of full range of motion in your hips and shoulders through a systematic, 6 directional, gradual exploration though postures and warm ups (kriyas-vinyasas) ranging from pigeon pose all the way to lotus, and various (little known, but so needed) shoulder opening routines. Come with a willing spirit and leave with an open pelvis and shoulder complexes! $40 includes indoor baths | $150 includes Spa Day Pass


Friday February 9, 2018
8 - 10P