Miami Spa

Unleash the Power of Your Mind

Unleash the Power of Your Mind

Michelle Berlin and Mindset & Neuroscience Strategist, Wendi Blum

Using sound, vibration, breath and visualization techniques learn how to train and rewire your mind so can let go of negative habits and imprint new thoughts and beliefs for better outcomes with a combination of science +  spirituality. 

In this powerful workshop you will experience: 

  • How to break free of thought patterns and behaviors that negatively impact your life.
  • How to create new neuropathways and remodel your brain
  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind
  • The role of Neuroplasticity to optimize your life
  • How to use mental rehearsal to create a desired outcome
  • How to access the Quantum field to create a new reality

 $45 includes indoor baths | $150 includes Spa Day Pass