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Zodiac Lounge: New Moon in Virgo

Zodiac Lounge: New Moon in Virgo

Tuesday September 4, 7 - 8:30P with Lori Bell, our resident Astrologer, and Acupuncture Physician.

On September 9th at 2;01 pm, EDT, there will be a New Moon in Virgo.

New Moons are times of new beginnings, planting seeds, and setting intentions. Virgo is the alchemist, the perfectionist, keeps us organized, edits, sees the flaws and corrects them. Without Virgo, we would all be a hot mess. The New Moon is supported by three other planets in Earth signs, giving us the added energy to work, get organized, and be focused, The balance here is with Neptune, which is in opposition to the new moon, either you get inspired and use the Virgo energy to make it viable, or space out, and get nothing accomplished. It's a potent New Moon use it wisely!

$45 includes indoor baths | $75 includes Spa Day Pass