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Full Moon Super SoundBath & Group Acupuncture
Full Moon Super SoundBath & Group Acupuncture
Raise your vibration and renew yourself in a stream of pure sound waves... Take a deep breath and relax as live crystal bowl vibrations create space within and lift you into a restorative healing state that harmonizes the body and mind. Add a shared, group acupuncture experience engages the vessels to provide a deep exploration into our individual and collective selves. Each participant receives the identical four acupuncture points to access one of the eight extraordinary vessels. Our relationship to ourselves and the world outside us, how we move through and receive the world, and our connection to the world are cultivated when we engage the extraordinary vessels. According to the Astrological forecast, Lori will choose the best vessel treatment to align with the stars. Then simply rest and restore as the healing tones of crystal bowls combine and activate this cosmic treatment in a live Super SoundBath Group Acupuncture, bliss.

$45 includes indoor baths | $150 includes Spa Day Pass


Sunday October 25, 2015
6:30 - 8PM