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Author Workshop: Does Your Work Answer the Five Essential Questions

Author Workshop: Does Your Work Answer the Five Essential Questions

Wednesday August 7, 6:30 - 8P with Ellen Frazer-Jameson

Does your work answer the five essential questions? Who, what, where, when and why? Ask this of all your people, places and things.

Storylines, characters, locations, dialogue come to life when they are authentic.

How much research is enough? The map is not the county. Readers hate fake.

How to make your work truthful and unique. Why to write what you know delivers an emotional experience to the reader. Every book needs a message,

If you expect people to engage with your writing, they need to have a value point with which to relate. What’s your message?

Your book has the potential to change lives – even your own. Ensure that your words are authentic and carry meaning. Even a joke book has a purpose – to make it meaningful it has to be funny.

Your story is unique because you are unique, only you have experienced your life and felt the emotions, learned the lessons and earned the right to pass on what you know to enrich the lives of others.

What’s your story? Writers Unite at the Standard Spa.

Bring yourideas, analyse writing problems, learn tricks of the trade.

The secret that no one will reveal.

It is a fact that there is one four-letter word that will kill your novel’s chance of being a bestseller. Join the Writers at the Spa and I’ll let you into the secret.

$75 includes Spa Day Pass