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BeLove Breathwork

BeLove Breathwork

Wednesday May 22, 7 - 9P with Caroline Pataky

BeLove Breathwork is a transpersonal modality that can have profound healing effects at a cognitive, emotional and physical level. It is essentially a method of circular conscious-connected breathing that can help individuals open up and awaken to integrate mind, body and spirit. Through sessions lasting approximately an hour, individuals incorporate a diaphragmatic breathing pattern that helps them access non-ordinary states of consciousness in a safe, contained environment. Once individuals enter these states, deep internal processing can be explored in order to heal, release, create, or just find their inner abundance of love.

Cognitively, individuals use breathwork to find or understand new perspectives, gain clarity, and become highly attuned to underlying issues, anxieties, or concerns that may be getting in the way of their personal freedom. From a physical perspective, breathwork can help us release tension stored within our muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, and central nervous systems. Users can experience a wide range of sensations allowing them to understand themselves and their body through their inner experience. Together, they allow us to recognize our emotional system, work through layers, and stay present to their being. Mindfulness teaches us to tune into our body, but BeLove Breathwork helps us access our entire system.

$45 includes indoor baths | $75 includes Spa Day Pass

About the teacher
Dr. Carolina Pataky is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist assisting both men, women and couples fine tune and find empowerment within themselves and is recognized as one of South Florida's leading authorities surrounding intimacy, relationships and sexuality. Carolina works with various venues around the world to facilitate retreats and workshops worldwide. Before devoting her life’s work to the empowerment of individuals, Carolina’s path to growth came at a very personal level. Facing her own challenges and destructive patterns, she came to find a richer understanding of her purpose through her own healing and transformational work. Humbled by her own story, she’s passionately pursued a career helping both men and women find change, acceptance and abundance. Carolina began her studies at the University of Massachusetts and received her Master’s degree from Carlos Albizu University. She then received her Ph.D. as a Clinical Sexologist from the International Institute of Clinical Sexolgy where she devised a training program for other licensed professionals to further assist individuals find deeper connections beyond standard cognitive psychotherapy models. Her incessant desire to learn and teach led her to gain additional certifications and work experiences with Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman, Dr. Stanislav Grof and Dr. Carol Clark. As an avid learner and student of the sciences, she continues practice and educate countless individuals, couples, and groups. Last year, she’s was selected to participate in the Men and Love Summit which brought together speakers, authors and therapist to collaborate and share their wisdom with the world and most recently. She also partnered with Sandals Hotels & Resorts to bring exclusive retreat experiences to couples seeking a richer connection within their relationship. Now in 2019, Carolina will be bringing some of her work to the Standard Hotel Resort and Spa where she will be holding BeLove Breathwork classes to help individuals connect to deeper parts of themselves. Join us, and experience the power of the universe within you.