Miami Spa

Bayside Bliss: Attune

Bayside Bliss: Attune

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach and Cristal Yoga invite you to bask in the beauty of Miami's Bay skyscapes and re-attune to your authentic self. As the sun sets, we welcome you to a three tiered workshop - offering different elements to empower and awaken spirit. Think of this as an opportunity to peel away the layers and drop into a comfortable place of remembrance, a place of clarity, and a place of truth.

5P Sunset Eye Gaze Experience with Jolenny Piedra of Sacred Soul Living

6P Soul Food Yoga Flow with Cristal Gould

7P Sound Bath Basking with Richard Gausman of Divine Wave

8P Garden Fire gathering & Hand Henna

8- 10P Let it all soak in! Enjoy the co-ed indoor bath: saunas, steam room and hamam

$45 includes indoor baths I $150 includes Spa Day Pass