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Autumn Detox The Chinese Medicine Way

Autumn Detox The Chinese Medicine Way

It's important to know when to clear out clutter and streamline your body; just as you would to your wardrobe at the end of every season. Join Lori Bell our resident Acupuncture Physician & Astrologer Learn how to detox the holistic way with Chinese Medicine. Autumn is an optimal time to detox. In Chinese Medicine we go beyond detox, with the intention to re-establish a healthy diet and lifestyle routine. Through diet, acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes, we bring the body back in balance. The Autumn season is related to the metal element, lungs and large intestine, which governs absorbing & releasing grief, and our body's natural ability to defend itself from colds and flu. Letting go also benefits your heart, mind and soul connection. It is an essential part of cleansing to strengthen and re-balanced your immune system.

$45 includes indoor baths I $75 includes spa day pass

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