Miami Beach

Alchemy Energy Activation

Alchemy Energy Activation

Saturday December 10, 7:00 – 8:30pm with Nicole, Morgan and Caroline

Join us for an evening of Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing, Intuitive channeled messages, tarot cards and somatic therapy with Kundalini Activation Process and Breathwork with Nicole Thaw, Caroline Batoff and Morgan Schultz. Through somatic and sound therapy we can journey within to release the energy of stored emotion and trauma, so we can access new levels of clarity, freedom and peace in our lives. Throughout, Morgan will channel personalized messages from her guides. We will also touch on how the stars are influencing your current life experiences. Release, surrender and relax with the healing vibrations of a crystal alchemy sound bath; drop into the theta brainwave state, the state of dreams and transcendence. 

$75 includes indoor baths afterward