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A Yogi’s Garden: Earth Durga & Sustainability

A Yogi’s Garden: Earth Durga & Sustainability

Join Catherine Be our resident Yogi Gardener seeding awareness, growing consciousness and harvesting love & light. We will learn ways of growing food and finding balance in nature and within ourselves. Learn a new way to view plant beings for our own symbiotic wellbeing, practical gardening techniques, planting from heritage seeds and the growing techniques to nurture super foods, even if you don’t have a garden space. Everyone has a green thumb; plant your seeds of inspiration to take your health back into your own hands. Connect to the environment by understanding the consciousness of green life. For this nurturing Yogi's Garden workshop and spa day retreat, take your permaculture knowledge to the next level, with a couple restorative Hatha Yoga poses & meditation. Meeting in our Yoga room is the perfect space for you to grow! Through green living and giving, organic lifestyle choices and challenges, we rise in the powerful holistic art of universal harmony. Abundantly awake within the highest frequency of self, while enjoying the happiness of being connected to source, to each other, the earth, and within ourselves.

$75 includes Spa Day Pass.

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