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Author's Workshop: To Plot or Not to Plot

Author's Workshop: To Plot or Not to Plot

Wednesday July 24, 6:30 - 8P with Ellen Frazer-Jameson

To plot or not to plot. Some writers plan every detail of their books. They draw up spreadsheets, structure chapter headings, cross reference, index and follow a formula from start to finish. Others fly by the seat of their pants. They allow the story to roam free, change direction, create and eliminate new characters at will. Which is best? Do you like vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Both offer pathways to creativity within the writing project but there are questions to answer about which method best allows your particular brand of creativity to flourish. Learn the techniques that best serve the different methods of developing and coordinating a narrative and timeline for your book.

$75 includes Spa Day Pass

About the teacher
Program: Write Your Book or Blog In 90 Days: Make It Your New Year's Resolution For 2017 Wednesdays January 11 - April 12, 7 - 8:30P with Ellen Frazer-Jameson Ready to write your book, your unique blog or content for your website? Join, Author, Journalist, and Broadcaster Ellen Frazer-Jameson, she will guide you to write your book or blog in 90 days! In this workshop program develop from idea to manuscript to publication, how to find your voice and unique point of view, start a writing practice with expert guidance, writing methods, tips and techniques, motivation and problem solving and much more to make your author transformation reality. Be inspired meeting together with aspiring authors every other Wednesday! Meeting Wednedays: January 11, 25, February 8, 22, March 8, 22 and April 5, 12. $750 includes Wednesday Spa Day Pass. Bio: Ellen Frazer-Jameson is a former BBC broadcaster and Fleet Street journalist. A theatre professional she has also enjoyed a career as an actress, theater producer and principal of a children's performing arts school. She lives in London and Miami and relaxes by dancing Argentine tango. New Releases : Love Mother Love Daughter Seven Steps to Fabulous Siobhan's Miracle Dark Hole In My Soul