Miami Beach

Basquet Summer House

Basquet Summer House

Meet Basquet, a retail collective of premium groceries curated with a commitment to clean ingredients, ethical production methods, and culinary diversity.  Join the journey with Basquet and immerse yourself in a curated experience. Discover a world of clean beverages, wholesome snacks, pantry essentials, and wellness products, all crafted to inspire a healthier, happier lifestyle.  

We collaborated with Basquet and their Hot Spicy Pickles for a Spicy Pickle Margarita, exclusively available at Lido Bayside.

Spicy Pickle Margarita  22
cristiano blanco tequila, cointreau, hot girl pickles original, organic agave, lime juice, muddled jalapenos, pickle sliced, tajin rim 

Open Daily, 10am - 7pm
Canvas Room 

Thursday, July 11th
Wishfine Jewelry Pop-Up