Rest & Relaxation with Ranjith Saj

Rest & Relaxation with Ranjith Saj

In need of some rest & relaxation? Ranjith Saj has got you covered. With his expertise in Kerala Ayurvedic traditions, this wellness star will clear your mind and relax your body in no time. Ranjith not only has 15 years of experience at spas around the world, his practices, methods and philosophy transcend time and place, providing him a unique ability to communicate with people from all cultures. And from September 15-October 15, you can book one of Ranjith’s extensive treatments at The Standard, Maldives.

Ranjith's Treatments

Muscle Energy Balance

60 mins. $190 | 90 mins. $225

This personalized treatment releases stiffness and knots from muscles. It is a unique Eurasian technique that aims to bring back full muscle strength by eliminating tension. Ranjith restores strength, endurance, power, and improves flexibility by using a combination of stretching and balancing techniques that rebalances your muscle energy.

Ayurveda Immune Booster Therapy

60 mins. $190 | 90 mins. $225

Try this unique combination of traditional Indian Ayurveda and Japanese Shiatsu. Its rhythmic motion helps to strengthen the lymphatic system, opening the flow of life force in order to cleanse and revitalize the body. Enjoy a stimulating head massage and full-body treatment with warm herbal oils. Ranjith will increase your blood circulation, enhance your immune system and strengthen your connective tissues. 

Warm Bamboo Massage Therapy           

60 mins. $190 | 90 mins. $225

‘The Good Luck Plant’ treatment is a Southeast Asian holistic therapy that works to calm and energize you from head to toe. It promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage. The rolling and kneading of bamboo sticks will melt away stubborn muscle pain and tension. Think of it as a natural detox that releases accumulated toxins. 

Holistic Balance         

60 mins. $190 | 90 mins. $225

This holistic treatment strengthens the mind, treats mucous congestions, and relieves headaches, migraines, and stiff necks. It is ideal for fatigue, insomnia, and stress related issues, as well as sinus problems and all imbalances of the head, abdomen, and organs. This therapy aims to get that 'Qi' flowing through your body to keep you balanced and disease free.

Vedic Detox and Relax      

60 mins. $210 | 90 mins. $245

This treatment begins with an herbal exfoliation that deeply cleanses your body by eliminating the toxins that help break down subcutaneous fat storage. Followed by a stimulating massage with warm herbal oils that promote overall wellbeing, this treatment helps boost your energy, rids the body of excess waste, and strengthens the immune system.

Complimentary Lifestyle Consultation 

20 minutes

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