Refresh Your Mind & Body with Numthip Puntha

Refresh Your Mind & Body with Numthip Puntha

Numthip Puntha (but you can call her Amp) is an expert in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a certified Wellness & Lifestyle Master Reiki Practitioner, and has a background in Physiotherapy. If that weren’t impressive enough, she is also infamous for her energy integrative body work and healing practices. Numthip is bringing her passion for refreshing your mind, body, and spiritual connections to The Standard, Maldives. 

Let her take you on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment through these specialized treatments.

Integrative Healing Massage

Physical Tension & Energy Enhancing

90 mins. $245

This hands-on experience is part massage, part energy work, and full-on relaxation. Amp’s unique technique releases muscular and skeletal tension, stimulates circulation, releases toxins, and induces a deep state of relaxation. The treatment is suitable for people of all ages.


Tibetan Sound Healing

Emotional Wellness & Energy Enhancing

60 mins.  $205

Soak in the restorative sound vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls. This healing treatment not only cleanses and rejuvenates your body’s energy, it can also calm your brainwave frequencies so that you can rest that busy mind of yours.


Reiki Healing

Emotional Wellness & Energy Enhancing

60 mins. $205

Reiki helps our healing systems reach their full potential. Revitalizing and restoring, most folks feel lighter and more balanced after a single session. Reiki can release blocked and suppressed feelings, balance energy, and reduce stress.


Vacuum Cupping Massage

Physical Tension & Detoxification

60 mins. $205

Vacuum cupping is a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment will remove pain and physical blockage, detoxify your organs, increase blood and lymphatic flow, and instill a deep sense of calm and peace within you.


Postural Integration Exercise

Posture Alignment & Core Stability

60 mins. $205

Don’t get it twisted, we could all work on our posture! Through functional movement patterns and multi-joint movements, you will strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight muscles to help you to reach new heights.

Chi Nei Tsang

Internal Organ Tension & Detoxification 

60 mins. $205

Based on ageless Taoist techniques, it is a method of internal organ massage that frees the blockages in the abdomen and guides the healing energy throughout your body. 

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