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Halloween Weekend

Halloween Weekend

There's spooky fun for the entire family all Hallo-weekend, from crafts, face painting and trick-or-treating at Lil Shark Kids Club, to witchy cocktails at Todis and themed dinners at BBQ Shak and Kula. Kick back for Halloween movie nights or turn it up at Beru Bar beneath the disco ball. 

October 30

Lil Shak Kids Club

  • 10am-11am  Halloween Crafts 
  • 3pm-4pm  Face Painting 
  • 4pm-5pm  Cookie Decoration 
  • 5pm-6pm  Trick or Treat
  • 8pm-10pm  Kids Movie Night (Hotel Transylvania)

October 31

Lil Shark Kids Club

  • 10am-11am  Pin The Spider Web
  • 3pm-4pm  Hanna Tattoo
  • 4pm-5pm  Pumpkin Twister
  • 5pm-6pm  Min To Win It Games 
  • 8.30pm-10pm  Flash Mob in Todis
  • 8pm-10pm  Kids Movie Night ( (Hotel Transylvania 2)

Todis Bar

  • 12pm-10pm  Halloween Themed Cocktail (USD 14 per cocktail)
  • 9pm  Cove Cinema "Halloween II" 

Joos Cafe

  • 1pm-2pm  Halloween Cookie Decoration

BBQ Shak

  • 6.30pm-10pm  Customized BBQ Shak Set Menu (USD 90 per person)


  • 6.30pm-10pm  Halloween Themed Kula Buffet 

Beru Bar

  • 9pm onwards  Party at Beru Bar
  • Specially Crafted Beverage Menu (USD 16 per cocktail)