Aritra Chatterjee Can Read You

Aritra Chatterjee Can Read You

Aritra Chatterjee, our latest wellness star, is a tarot reader and healer. All July long, you can book a personalized tarot, chakra healing, crystal massages, and sound therapy session designed just for you.

Tarot Card Reading 3 Qs/6 Qs : $125/ $180
Experience the transformative power of tarot with detailed 3-question and 6-question readings. Explore your inquiries with precision and insight. Reveal hidden truths and gain clarity on your path. Whether seeking guidance on love, career, or life decisions, tarot card readings offer profound insights for personal growth and empowerment.

7 Chakra Healing Meditation 30 mins/ 60 mins : $100/$150
A holistic practice that aligns and balances the body's seven energy centers. By promoting harmony between mind, body, and spirit, it enhances emotional stability, mental clarity, and overall well-being, making it essential for maintaining optimal health and inner balance.

Crystal Healing Massage 45 mins/ 90mins : $180/ $220
The therapeutic benefits of massage therapy and the energetic properties of crystals. By placing crystals on specific points of the body, this massage promotes relaxation, releases tension, balances energy, and enhances overall well-being. This holistic approach offers a profound sense of harmony and rejuvenation.

Sound Healing Massage 45 mins/ 90mins : $180/ $220
Enjoy soothing sounds and vibrations with massage techniques to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and restore balance. Using instruments like singing bowls and tuning forks, this massage enhances energy flow, relieves tension, and fosters overall well-being.

Music Therapy 30 mins/ 60 mins : $100/$125
Music therapy incorporates various techniques, including singing bowl therapy, to promote holistic healing. Singing bowls produce calming vibrations that resonate through the body, relieving stress, improving focus, and restoring balance. Essential for mental and emotional well-being, music therapy fosters personal growth.

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