Downtown LA

Winyl Wine+Vinyl=Winyl

Winyl Wine+Vinyl=Winyl

Wine + Vinyl = Winyl 
Hosted by CC Shefield

We'll be playing albums the way they were intended to be spun, from start to finish, paired with wine tastings by Silverlake Wines and charcuterie. Our launch of Winyl also celebrates the opening of our new lobby bar with a special menu and seasonal wine list by Silverlake Wines.

First up, is Chilean-born artist, Mambo. Born to a French father and a Hungarian mother, he grew up in Latin America and started his artist career in Paris.

This multi-culturalism has served the artist quite well. Mambo has established his own visual vocabulary: he is a polyglot artist, capable to pick what he needs on his languages palette to express his feelings in the moment.

We look forward to seeing you there!