Standard Votes: Election Night

Standard Votes: Election Night

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…election day! 

Join us in Hollywood or Downtown LA and have a shot or two as you wait out the results with kindred souls.


Starting at 5pm we’ll have be watching the results come in with massage therapists, a Freudian drink therapist, and a special chakra healer to prepare you for the outcome. As always, we’ll keep the red and blue shots flowing. Enter our raffle to win some fun commemorative prizes.


To make the result waiting a little more bearable we're bringing the Golden Girls Burlesque group and Walter Davis Band to our Mmhmmm lounge so you can literally "Hit the Poles". There will also be a live DJ and, of course, plenty of beverages to go around.   

5PM -10PM / FREE

Don’t forget to vote! You can register here.