Downtown LA

Hard to Read

Hard to Read

“Romantic Comedy: A Reading” 

Dean Kissick
Gene McHugh
Eugene Kotlyarenko
Ann Hirsch
Anastasia Davydova
& Dasha Nekrasova


Eugene used to sleep on Dean’s couch, now he’s making a movie starring Dasha, who lives with Anastasia, who’s obsessed with Dean’s social media. Lately, Anastasia has been writing on society and media, aka porn, a realm that artist Ann also happens to be an expert on, for better and worse. For richer and poorer, to love and to cherish, Ann is married to Gene, whose name rhymes with a lot of things, and is something of a genius, but who isn’t? (He also writes.) We all believe in art, and love, not like making it is easy. On Tuesday, December 20th, join us—Dean, Gene, Eugene, Ann, Anastasia, and Dasha, plus our host, Fiona, who humiliatingly wrote this—for a set of readings on “Romantic Comedy,” a favorite genre that’s worth the struggle to get right. 

Senay (boiler room) will DJ the afterparty.