Downtown LA



Join us for a launch party and reading celebrating artist rapper KOOL A.D. aka Victor Vazquez’s debut novel O.K. Written in as many languages as drugs it lists consumed (we’re counting idiolects, and music as a drug), O.K. is a book of changes, as in flow, the Way, a contemporary perennial philosophy, starring Sun Ra, Bill Burroughs, 2Pac, you name It, knowing literary spirits. KOOL will read alongside friends: Melissa BroderMira GonzalezSaba Moeel, and Ayesha Siddiqi. Nite Jewel will DJ. Books will be available for sale and signage, care of O.K.’s publisher Sorry House press. 

This is part of HARD to READ — a new, monthly reading series hosted by Fiona Alison Duncan.

“‘I’m the best rapper,’ I whispered into the void of the night and the void howled back: ‘No doubt, no doubt.’” 

— KOOL A.D., O.K.