Downtown LA



Join us for a literary night featuring Will Alexander, Stuart Krimko's, Yasi Salek, Peter Nowogrodzki.

Will Alexander was born in Los Angeles in 1948. His poetry reads consonant with multi-syllables that feel like tools like we’re creating new biological entities with them.

Stuart Krimko’s poetry tends towards the theological. He also practices grounded astrology and translates. He translated, for e.g., one of my favorite books, Belleza y Felicidad: Selected Writings by Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Pavón (Argentinian prose poet artists).

Yasi Salek’s known for wearing this sardonic tone that’s really revealing of her extrasensitive care. In writing, she can address a ‘you’ that’s not you, we feel rather like her, recognizing her ‘you’ is her and us too (mirror mirrors). She’s also a stand-up comedian.

Peter Nowogrodzki will likely read on gluttony.

Free with RSVP