Banjee Ball - Slay me Safely

Banjee Ball - Slay me Safely

Banjee Ball and the LA LGBT Center present
"Slay Me Safely" Release Party

Commentated by the legendary Enyce Smith 
Hosted by Purple Crush
w/ DJ Air Jared

(all cats bring it in BLUE)

VOGUE: Slay your 10s safely by bringing it Soft and Cunt. Save all dramatics for your battles. ($100)

RUNWAY: You must always keep it wrapped up, even when on PrEP. Wear something wrapped on your body. ($100)

FACE: You are the face of the Slay me Safely campaign, show us how you would bring it. ($100)

REALNESS: Doctor/Nurse Realness, bring it as a doctor or nurse. only need to have a little bit of blue present. ($100)

SEX SIREN: Sell Sex safely. Yep. No disrobing. you must sell sex with your CLOTHES ON. ($100)

"Slay Me Safely" campaign aims to empower the community and encourage everyone access all the tools there are to prevent HIV. PrEP is one of the many tools there are to keep you Free of HIV. - LA LGBT Center

Free with RSVP / 21+