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Do The Most For Mom at Praça

Do The Most For Mom at Praça

Treat mom to an over-the-top Thai Mother's Day with an Aromatherapy x Power of Crystals workshop by KOON and a set izakaya dinner at Praça.

When: August 12
Time: 6 PM - 10 PM
Where: Praça


Early birds offer: THB 2,700 for 2 people when you book before August 8, 2024.
Price: THB 3,000 for 2 persons. Additional THB 1,000 for a bottle of Prosecco.

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The Menu:

  • Miang kham         ​
             Apple, shallots, chili, betel leaves, fried catfish, coconut flakes, ginger, tamarind  ​

  • Seang wa poo​
              Blue crab salad, crispy shell, lemongrass, coriander   ​

  • Pla kapong dong           ​
​             Cured seabass, lemongrass, spring onion, sweet and sour sauce ​

  • Krapao Thai taco goong        ​​
             Stir fried tiger prawn, Ikura, crispy shell, chili, holy basil ​

  • Seafood platter yang        ​
​             Grilled Tiger prawns, squid, Rock lobster, Thai Mussels, seafood sauce ​

  • Khao pad nuea wagyu yang           ​​
             Grilled Thai Wagyu beef rib eye, egg fried rice, cured egg , chili paste ​

  • Kalam plee yang pad nam pla  Kub Hoi shell            ​
​             Stir fried cabbage, charcoal grilled tuna loin bonito flakes, fish sauce. ​

  • Lod chong Jaojom x Praça ​
​             Young coconut custard, pandan noodles, taro ice cream

  • Praça’s Signature Khao Niau  ​
​             Purple sticky rice, mango mousse, coconut sauce, fresh mango ​


The Workshop by KOON:
KOON offers a sanctuary to reconnect with nature through its luxurious aromatherapy oils and crystal energy. Each product combines aromatic oils, powerful crystals, and 24k gold, available in 7 scents and 7 crystal types. KOON aims to alleviate stress, boost mood, and restore balance. Highlights include the blend of aromatherapy and crystal healing in a portable bottle, workshops on crystal energy, and the various benefits like tranquility, creativity, and confidence.

Take mom to an Aromatherapy x Power of Crystals workshop, and take home a bottle of your new favorite perfume.

Crystal options: 
  • Quartz​
  • Rose Quartz​
  • Green Aventurine​
  • Lapis Lazuli ​
  • Labradorite ​
  • Gold Sandstone​
  • Amethyst​
Complimentary one KOON workshop (value THB 700) per set dinner at Praça
Additional will be charged.

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