“Far cry from the name”
- The Times
“Another Sunset Boulevard icon”
- Air France Magazine
“The Standard is anything but”
- Vanity Fair
“Not your typical hotel”
- Condé Nast Traveller
“Balazs appreciates that style need not preclude affordability”
- Arena
“Welcome to the hotel of the future”
- Travel + Leisure
“Access to LA’s glittering, glamorous lifestyle at a knockdown price”
- Sunday Times Travel
“It's Hollywood, Baby!”
- Grazia
“Youthful sophistication”
- W Magazine
“The Standard has a special kind of magic ”
- Suddeutsche
“Chic trendy hotel ”
- Res
“An excellent hotel in which to do business, just a good a place to unwind”
- Business Traveler
“Designer charm and a good dose of exceptional service ”
- Space
“Un hotel en Technicolor ”
- Elle France
“Balazs' hospitality obsession reach operatic heights”
- Los Angeles Times Magazine
“Nothing but sheer goodness”
- AOL CityGuide
“An unlikely hybrid of modernist architecture and gritty rock 'n' roll”
- The New York Times
“An instant classic ”
- Paper Magazine
“The coolest hotel in Hollywood ”
- The Sunday Times, London
“Behind the Standard's bag of tricks there are very sound foundations ”
- Hip Hotels
“Destination lodging for fashion-forward, budget conscious travelers ”
- Los Angeles Times
“Bursting with innovation ”
- The London Times
“This hotel was amazing! We loved the location, the pool, and the food!”
- Expedia
“Had the most amazing time at the standard.”
- Booking.com
“We loved the Standard experience, very impressed”
- Booking.com
“Hip, easy location, and comfortable bed.”
- Priceline
“I would totally live full time in Suite 350 if I could. With. Out. Hesitation.”
- Yelp
“The hotel is in the best location on the Sunset strip.”
- Booking.com
“I stayed at The Standard Hotel last week and the customer service was outstanding!”
- Yahoo Travel
“a pleasure to be there!”
- Hotels.com
“best hotel in the world for us!!”
- Hotels.com
“It is all about the basics being at their absolute best ”
- Elle Décor
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