Bartender (PT - Monterrey)

🌴 Get Ready to Soak in the Good Vibes at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach! 🌺

Situated on the chic Belle Isle, just a skip away from South Beach's sizzling scene, The Standard Spa is not your grandma's spa—it's a tropical haven where hip meets tranquility! Picture this: breezy rooms with private terraces, outdoor soaking tubs, and a hydrotherapy playground that's the stuff of dreams.

🤘 Join the Coolest Crew in Town!

At The Standard, we're not about conformity; we're all about celebrating YOU! We're on the lookout for individuals who bring their own flavor to the team. Embrace your uniqueness because here, it's not just welcomed—it's celebrated.

💪 Perks that Match Your Vibe:

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