It only takes about two tries to pick up most of our water sports skills so be sure to book at least two sessions. Of course there’s always jet skis or you can step it up a bit with some wake boarding or kite surfing. If you would like to get off the island for a bit, our snorkeling or dive excursions are perfect for daytime activities. Better yet, dive right into the local culture by checking out the resorts surrounding local islands. The dive and water sports team can plan any trip you imagine, just let us know where you would like to go.


Fish Like a Local
Learn to fish like a local on this nautical adventure, casting hoop lines off an atoll while enjoying a selection of cold beverages. No experience brings you closer to Maldivian culture than fishing, a vital economic and social island activity. Anchor your boat at the edge of an atoll and learn to line-fish like a local with hoop reels. With one of the world’s most diverse aquatic ecosystems, you’ll be pulling in mackerel, snappers, emperors, jacks, and other nocturnal reef fish and, if you so choose, have the chef grill them up for you back at the resort. Fishing with the kids? They’ll love snacking on fish bait-shaped gummies, sweets and drinking from fresh coconuts.

Big Game Fishing
Enjoy leisurely downtime punctuated by short bursts of action as you troll for and battle big game fish in this deep waters fishing adventure. Leave the shelter of the inner atoll for deeper waters on this big game fishing expedition. Experienced local staff provide safety and training sessions, allowing guests to practice their rod casting skills in open seas. Enjoy a selection of refreshments as the boat cruises the depths, trolling for tuna, swordfish, and barracuda. Strap in once a big fish is hooked and fight for your prize in an epic Melvillian Maldivian melee.

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The Standard


Turtle Expedition 
There are few more exciting and yet leisurely experiences than floating along side a green sea turtle as it gently dines on sea grasses. Take it slow, and go with the flow on an afternoon turtle expedition. Turtles are easy to locate, love shallow water with lots of marine life, and they don’t mind sharing the water with snorkelers. Five of the world’s seven different sea turtle species call the Maldives home. Discover the beautiful Maldivian aquaculture hidden just beneath the surface from a turtle’s perspective.

Snorkel Safari

After a short, 20-minute boat ride, choose a buddy, suit up in snorkeling gear, and jump into the pellucid aquamarine waters of Maldives, swimming with an array of exotic fish and coral. Look carefully and you may well spot some turtles, eels, clams, and even lobster. 

House Reef Snorkel
There’s no easier way to enjoy the ocean than The Standard House Reef. Meet in the lobby, walk to the jetty, and jump into one of the most spectacular underwater worlds imaginable, including 98 types of coral that are home to over 220 species of marine life!

Starlight Snorkel
Imagine floating quietly in the sea beneath a sky filled with more stars than you’ve ever seen. The Maldives is one of the most remote locations on earth, making it ideal for stargazing. Roll over and shine your waterproof flashlight on the reef and experience an entirely different community of marine life that are active only at night. Depending on the season, shut off the light and swim amidst the glitter of bioluminescent plankton!

Hanifaru Manta Snorkel
Swimming with giant mantas is the experience of a lifetime. These giant creatures may seem imposing but they’re extremely gentle and not at all shy. Watch them glide through the water as various fish swim alongside and under them in harmonious symbiosis. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a whale shark, the world's largest fish! 

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The Standard

Boats, Booze and Beyond

Lucky Dolphin Cruise
Join a boozy boat cruise in search of dolphins, scanning the horizon for Spinners, who love to leap from the sea! 

Sunset Cruise
Sunset cruise with a cocktail in hand, a sea breeze through your hair, and a curated playlist to match the mood.

Local Island Hopping 
Take a boat to Kudarikilu and Kendhoo islands to learn about traditional local lifestyle and history. Mingle with locals to learn about everyday island life, visit contemporary and historical buildings featuring coral architecture, and enjoy a tour of the Ibrahim Fulhu Museum guided by the museum’s founder and respected historian Ibraham Fulhu himself or with local Docent (depending on availability). Swing by a few beaches and The Old Banyan Tree along the way as your personal Polaroid photographer documents your adventure!

Castaway Island Visit
Take a boat to an isolated and uninhabited slice of powdery white sand, surrounded by turquoise water and left alone to do as you please *wink*. Once at Kuda Vilingilli you’ll find a nicely arranged pergola with blankets, cushions, and a picnic basket with your choice of snacks and a bottle of wine or a bucket of beer. Press play on your island playlist and the rest is up to you: build a sand castle, toss the frisbee, frolic on the beach, or just laze the day away in crystal clear waters...When you’re ready to return, just call the resort on the cell phone provided on departure.

Surf Safari 
Maldives may be famous for the underwater world, but there’s some amazing waves for all levels of surfer. Travel by boat to a nearby reef (length of voyage depending on season) and paddle into an empty line-up, for many a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With a boat on standby in case you get tired or thirsty, this will be one surf safari you’ll be stoked on for years.

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The Standard

Water Sports, Board Sports & Dive Experiences

Water Sports

Speedboat-driven water sports are fun for the whole family, especially tubing, while leisurely pursuits such as sunset kayaking in a standard kayak or glass-bottomed boat is always a pleasant outing. Looking for more excitement? Jump on a jet ski and explore the open water around the resort (just watch out for turtles!). 

Board Sports
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Sheltered by reefs, the waters surrounding The Standard are a boardrider’s dream. Enjoy the calm interior atoll location with a leisurely stand up paddle board cruise around the resort or if that’s too tame, get high with a kite surfing class.

Fun Dives & Courses
Every trip to the Maldives must include some time underwater, mingling with some of the world’s most diverse marine life. From introductory and children’s PADI courses to specialty instruction, including digital underwater photography and fish identification classes, there’s an aquatic experience for everyone. Suit up and slip into the peaceful and pellucid waters of the Maldives, including our pristine house reef, which is home to 98 types of coral that are home to over 220 species of marine life.


1-5 dives (per dive) USD 100 
6-10 dives (per dive) USD 95
11-20 dives (per dive) USD 90
House Reef Diver (per dive) USD 75   
Early morning or night dive supplement USD 15
Complimentary nitrox for EANX certified divers

Personalize your experience with a private guide for 2 or more divers USD 60 or USD 100 for 1 diver.

Equipment Rental (per dive):

All (BCD, regulator, computer & wetsuit) USD 10
One item (BCD, regulator, computer or wetsuit) USD 5 Torch rental (one torch) USD 10
Mask, fins, snorkel USD 10
Magnifying glass USD 5
Surface buoy USD 5
Pressure gauge USD 5
Octopus USD 5
Alternative air source USD 5
Low pressure hose for BCD USD 5

PADI Courses:

Price includes all equipment, boat fees and certification 

Bubblemaker (8 - 9 years old) USD 120
Discover Scuba Diving (10+years, 12m max) USD 180
Repeat Discover Scuba Diving (by boat) USD 150
Padi Scuba Diver (2 dives and theory lessons) USD 550
Open Water Diver (4 dives) USD 750
Open Water Diver with a Private Instructor USD 950 

Open Water Diver e-learning (theory at home, practical at the resort) USD 550 
Upgrade from Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver USD 350

PADI Scuba Tune up:

USD 155
Required for certified divers with 2 years inactivity (price includes all equipment and one dive)

Advanced PADI Courses:

Price includes tank, weights and certification
Adventure Diver (3 dives) USD 480
Advanced Open Water (5 dives) USD 600
Advanced Open Water & Nitrox Specialty (5 dives) USD 730 Rescue Diver USD 750

Emergency First Response USD 170

*All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge and applicable government taxes.

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The Standard

Specialty Courses

Given the challenges the Maldives faces from a changing environment, there’s no more suitable venue to add some sustainability studies to your holiday and The Standard’s commitment to such extends below the surface of the sea, including both PADI Project Aware Specialist and PADI Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation Diver courses. Or go natural, and leave the tanks behind as you take your snorkeling skills underwater with a Skin Diver or Freediver course. The Standard Specialty Courses focus on environmental awareness and protection of the marine ecosystem.

NITROX Courses
PADI Enriched Air Diver (NITROX) USD 170

Specialty Courses
Deep Diver Specialty (4 dives) USD 450
Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty (2 dives) USD 350 

PADI Basic Freediver Course USD 250

Confined water session to learn breathhold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnea, plus proper buddy procedures. Goal – static apnea of 90 seconds and dynamic apnea of 25 metres/80 feet.

PADI Freediver Course USD 400

Confined water session to learn breathhold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnea. Goal – static apnea of 90 seconds and dynamic apnea of 25 metres/80 feet. Open water sessions to practice free immersion and constant weight freedives,
plus proper buddy procedures. Goal – constant weight
freedive of 10 metres/30 feet.

PADI Advanced Freediver Course USD 450

Confined water session to learn breathhold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnea. Goal – static apnea of 150 seconds and dynamic apnea of 50 metres/164 feet. Open water sessions to practice free immersion and constant weight freedives,
plus proper buddy procedures. Goal – constant weight
freedive of 20 metres/66 feet.

Upgrade Your Diving Adventure:

Digital Underwater Imaging Specialty (2 dives) USD 350
Drift Diver Specialty (2 dives) USD 350
Underwater Navigation (3 dives) USD 400

PADI Project Aware Fish Identification (2 Dives) USD 350

Once you learn to recognize the types of fish you see, you’ll find it easier to spot and reference the exact species during and after each of your dives. Over two open-water dives, you’ll learn how to identify characteristics of local fish families and species, as well as important information about fish survey techniques. Most importantly perhaps, you’ll help Project AWARE work towards the protection of aquatic

life in the Maldives.

All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge and applicable government taxes.

The Standard


Lil’ Shark Kids Club

Parents relax and kids rejoice, the Lil’ Shark Kids Club provides professional childcare services complete with their own paddling pool; for children 2 years and above. Children below 2 years can access kids club with adult supervision. Teen zone is available for older children to enjoy more grown- up games and recreational activities. Babysitting service is also available for children from 2 years and up.


Playtime for adults and kids alike as you slip n’ slide around on our 82 square metres of inflatable water park fun. (High season only)


The Standard