Private Amenities

As a guest of Casa Privada, you’ll have access to The Standard’s stylish shared spaces at the hotel—and more, just for you. Enjoy a dedicated rooftop pool and bar, yoga studio, and private lounge. Exclusive food and beverage moments (a daily breakfast counter, pop-up tastings, and more enhancements) are woven throughout the Casa Privada experience. Wellness classes, beauty treatments and personal training are at guests’ fingertips and our guest experience team is at the ready to customize any stay to meet your needs…and wants.

What is included? 

•Daily breakfast counter
•Daily F&B Moment
•Daily bottled water
•Dedicated Concierge
•All The Standard, Ibiza room features
•Private Check-in
•Private facilities’ building
•VIP welcome amenity
•Daily Housekeeping

What are the add ons? 

•F&B Packages & upgrades
•Private Yoga classes
•Personal Trainer
•Beauty treatments
•Bar tenders
•Laundry and Shoe shine
•Liquor and wine tastings
•IV drip services