FAQ Casa Privada

All your questions and answers about Casa Privada.

I am interested in Casa Privada and want to book, what should I do?

If you like the look of Casa Privada, you can enquire directly via the site or contact us by e-mail at ibiza.sales@standardhotels.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also call us directly on +34-871-027906.

What's included?

Each rental includes a cleaning service during your stay, a mid-week linen change and a concierge service that will organise your holiday and create bespoke experiences for you. They will also have access to the hotel's amenities: restaurant, pool and yoga studio.

We are happy to organise any bespoke service not already included in your booking, from a transfer to a chef prepared meal. Please note that there is an additional charge for bespoke services.

I've accepted the offer. Is my booking confirmed?

Your booking is confirmed as soon as the contract has been signed and the deposit has been received.

How can I book your services and experiences?

Once you have your booking confirmation, our concierge and experiences team will contact you by e-mail to discuss your holiday requirements and wishes. You can then contact them at any time by telephone, whatsapp or email with new ideas or questions.

What experiences do you offer?

We offer you a range of experiences, some tried and tested and others specially dreamt up to surprise you. Tell us about your passions, interests and what you’d like to discover so that together we can create a unique experience for you.

Is the Concierge & Guest Experience Services included in the rate?

The service provided by our Guest Experience team is included in the cost of your booking. This includes all the work we do to gather information and create your experiences; you will only be charged a supplement for the provision of the service or experience by our partners.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know your wishes so that we can explore different options. We will then present you with one or more proposals and quotations so that you can make your choice freely and accept or reject our suggestions.

When is my experience advisor available?

Our team will be available at the hotel from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 am. Outside these times you can contact by e-mail to ibiza.guestexperience@standardhotels.com or by WhatsApp. Please note a 24-hour concierge service can be added at an extra cost.

Will The Standard, Ibiza share my personal information?

Absolutely not. We never share personal information. At The Standard, Ibiza, we aim to offer a new type of holiday built around freedom and intimacy and we are always guided by these values, starting with the way we treat your personal information.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

IN 3 p.m. OUT 11 p.m.

Is the reception at Casa Privada 24 hours?

No, we will follow a 12 p.m. to 8pm schedule at the start. (TBC)

Can I arrive at CASA PRIVADA before check-in time or leave after check-out time?

This is subject to availability. Please contact our Sales Team at ibiza.sales@standardhotels.com. Please note extra costs may apply.

There is a problem with, or damage to, the property on arrival. What should I do?

If you arrive to Casa Privada and find a problem that was not noticed during our inspection, please contact us. We will then be able to note the problem as soon as possible and find a solution.

When will the house be cleaned?

House will be cleaned every two days, with a daily service for all entertainment areas as well as a quick clean up of the rooms. Sheets and towels will be replaced every three days.

With whom do I sign the rental contract?

You always sign your rental contract with our sales team. A copy of the signed contract is sent to you on request.

What methods do you accept in the form of payment?

There are two options: If you book via the website, you will not pay anything the moment of the reservation. However, 30 days before your arrival you will be charged the full amount of your stay. On the other hand, if you go through our fantastic sales team, you will need to secure your reservation by paying 50% of your stay the moment you sign the contract, and the remaining 50% 90 days before the day of your arrival. This does not mean that all you pay will not be paid back if you cancel within the cancellation period.

When will the deposit be paid back?

The deposit will be released upon check-out, depending on your bank it can take up to a month for the bank to reflect the full amount

How much is the deposit?

There will be a daily deposit of 1500 EUR to be authorized to one single card.

Can I bring my own guests to Casa Privada?

Casa Privada is yours for as long as you reserve it, and as the name indicates it is your private home so treat as such. We encourage everyone to have a good time but always have in mind that the responsibility of your home will be solely yours.

Can I book the rooms in Casa Privada separately?

Casa Privada is sold as your private villa, so in order to make your experience unique we need to privatize for you and you only.

What F&B options do I have?

As a guest of The Standard, Ibiza you can use all our F&B outlets on top of all the tailor-made experiences our Guest Experience team has ready for you!

What services and exclusive spaces do I have at Casa Privada?

Casa Privada has several private spaces for you and your friends to enjoy! on the entertainment building of Casa Privada you can find: A Wellness Room for you to relax after a night out, a Zen Space to calm your mind and body, a Library Lounge that has very little library and a lot of Lounge to pump everyone up before hitting the clubs, and a rooftop bar with the most beautiful view of Dalt Vila.

As a guest of Casa Privada, can I use the hotel's installations?

Absolutely, you are still a guest of The Standard, Ibiza and as such, you have full access to any public space inside of our hotel.

Can hotel guests enter Casa Privada during my stay?

That's exactly what makes Casa Privada so special, only you (and whoever you want to let in) will have access to Casa Privada during your stay

Do you accept pets?

Even though we all love animals at The Standard, Ibiza, we are still a city hotel, and we want everyone to be comfortable, even our furry friends. so for their own safety we prefer to not have them at the property.

The hotel is adults only, what about Casa Privada?

We do allow children at Casa Privada, our interconnecting rooms make it perfect for families to enjoy our property all while having a great time.

Who do I contact if I need someone assistance in the middle of the night?

Front desk is available 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year

Can I bring my own staff?

No, the hotel staff will be the only people allowed in the service areas apart from the guest itself