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Standard Talks: The Power of Women

Standard Talks: The Power of Women

For our first-ever Standard Talks in Bangkok, we're focusing on our favorite subject: International Women's Day. Come on over and listen in as we talk to several people we admire with our friends from FARMGROUP at The Parlor.


Oun Chanisara
Digital Influencer + Entrepreneur 
Oun co-founded Brunchtime Co. Ltd. to provide healthy lifestyle and food products that promote holistic well-being. At the same time, this superstar uses her social media prowess to give honest business advice, educational tutorials, and champion self-love and confidence for her audience around the world. 

Koen Pataradanai
Artist + Activist + Psychotherapist 
Koendanai is an LGBTQ+ artist, activist and psychotherapist who uses writing to build awareness around equality, gender and self-exploration. They are focused on psychotherapy research that they can pass onto their community and clinical practice.


Pahparn Sirima
Curator + Entrepreneur "GroundControl"
Pahparn has made waves for women in art with her two businesses, Ground Control and Hub Of Photography. This entrepreneur dedicates her days to uplifting emerging and established artists through research and curation.