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The Tastemaker: Aphrodisiacs at The Standard

It’s February and we’ve got love (and libido) on the brain. Aphrodisiacs are so in right now, and our culinary geniuses around the world have cracked the code.
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re in an LTR or it’s complicated, these drinks and dishes will get you in the mood for love. Grab a seat at the bar (or reserve a table) at The Standard and we’ll double your pleasure this month.
Take a taste of …

The Kiss

The Taste: chantilly cream with sharp strawberries & elderflower

Best Enjoyed: before retiring upstairs for a bit more fun on Isla Blanca.

Standard Affair

The Taste: abasolo ancestral whisky, alma finca, lemon juice & fire tincture

Best Enjoyed: after a marathon couple’s spa day on Belle Isle.

Decimo Tortilla

The Taste: filled with a creamy center of thinly sliced confit potatoes & 50g of caviar

Best Enjoyed: for extra decadence on your Decimo date night.

Happy Endings Sundae

The Taste: vanilla gelato, Alice Mushrooms Happy Endings Hot Fudge & spiced candied walnuts

Best Enjoyed: when you need a sudden boost of pleasure + arousal.

Oyster Zarandeado

The Taste: grilled gillardeau oyster, chili adobo & bafun uni

Best Enjoyed: When it’s time to take your situationship to the next level.

The Deal Closer

The Taste: chocolate mousse, whipped cream, devil's food cake, sea salt, & chocolate shavings

Best Enjoyed: to finish a few romantic courses on your next One Night Standard.

Holy Basil

The Taste: roku gin, pineapple, holy basil, galangal & lime

Best Enjoyed: when you feel sun-kissed and lovestruck from a day at the pool.

Seasonal Oysters

The Taste: served on ice with fresh lemon, mignonette sauce + tabasco sauce

Best Enjoyed: in paradise, when you’re starting to feel a little frisky.

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