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The Power of the Press

What’s the secret to superior juicing? The Standard, Miami knows it’s all about the cold press. There’s something of a debate, you see, among extraction aficionados — mastication (cold press) vs. traditional centrifugal juicing — but there really shouldn't be, he says. The cold press method, which produces the highest juice yield and retains the most vitamins and minerals by eliminating, well, heat, is where it’s at.

Which brings us to The Standard Spa, which recently opened a stand-alone Juice Café to supply the hotel with a steady stream of fresh-squeezed goodness, tailored to exacting specifications. Here, we explain the appeal of the five most popular concoctions:

Beet Juice with Almond Milk
"I can’t speak for you, but for most chefs who spend their nights eating and drinking a lot of wine, this is really ideal. Beet juice does a lot to help cleanse your kidneys and liver, which allows your body to process toxins more efficiently."

Sunrise Juice
"It's like a modern V-8, with tomato, carrot, apple, orange and lemon juice. We find that things that are high in citric acid are good in the morning because they set your body up at the correct ph level. Some people drink it almost like the old days when they'd take a spoonful of vinegar!"

Green Juice
"This is six or seven types of green vegetable. It’s like taking a bunch of vitamin in the morning. It does a lot to wake you up with wheatgrass and things that are loaded with chlorophyll. Anything that's loaded with chlorophyll is going to be a good source of protein and also help to keep your cells nice and clean."

Citrus Aid
"This is our own natural lemonade made with grapefruit, lemon, lime, a touch of maple syrup for sweetness and a touch of jalepeño juice for a little kick in the back end. It's pretty refreshing, and fits into a number of liquid diets like The Master Cleanse. The maple syrup gives you a little energy, and the citrus juices give the sense of being full so you're not craving food all day."

That's pineapple, apple, wheatgrass and mint. It's just a really nice balanced juice that's become one our signatures. If you're new to juicing or you dont feel like something as intense as a beet juice it's a very easy drink. The pineapple and the green apple really set the tone so for people who think of juices as sweet drinks this is really going to fit right in there. The wheatgrass and mint give the green benefit so this allows the novice juicer who wants something to drink feel good about it."

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