Standard Sounds

From Rising Stars to Superstars: A Look Back at the History of Standard Sounds

Just as every Standard is a different experience, so too are the musical inspirations that that go into The Standard’s world. It makes sense: the perfect soundtrack or performer for The Standard, Hollywood isn’t necessarily what you’d want at The Standard, High Line, and vice versa. Which is where Standard Sounds, our in-house audio command center, comes into play—it’s all about creating the perfect vibe for the time and place, which is no small feat. One result is that The Standard has played host to some epic performances through the years. From rising stars to certified superstars, from Chaka Khan to The Kills, from Jenny & Johnny to Tegan & Sara, The Standard’s stages have seen more than their fair share of talents. We dipped into the archives for a look back at some of the more memorable, momentous, and mind-altering performances of years past. To be honest, it's all a bit hazy. 

Kanye West, High Line, 2010
Solange, Miami Beach, 2016
Azealia Banks, Miami Beach, 2012
Empress Of, Downtown LA, 2015 

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