Inside Harris Reed and Chet Lo's Christmas Dreamscape

Designers Harris Reed and Chet Lo share what Christmas means to them with a spectacular custom installation at The Standard, London.

The North Pole could never!

Honestly, call these two Santa Claus, because they ATE and left no crumbs with the Christmas decor at The Standard, London. But they're not Santa - they're our very own artists-in-residence Chet Lo and Harris Reed, and they've created a truly magical experience on the ground floor of the hotel.

The prompt for these fashion designers to create their own installations was quite simple: "What does Christmas look like to you?" And in true Reed and Lo fashion, they took it to another place and time. 

On the ground floor, fluid fashion designer Harris Reed’s gothic-meets-romantic trees takes centre stage in the hotel lobby, Library Lounge, and Isla. Head to the 70s-inspired Double Standard bar and restaurant for boundary-breaking designer Chet Lo’s futuristic and colourful sculpture created with his signature knit. 

Then, top it all off with a boozy snowball slushie, chocolate Champagne cocktail, or warm cuppa hot cocoa. That got you feeling festive? Scroll through below to see it all, then come see the designers' creations for yourself and be sure to check out everything we've got going on this season. Ho, ho ho, jingle, jangle!


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