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Erykah Badu Rings In Fashion Week at Top of The Standard

It was one of those early September nights when the heat comes down just a notch and it feels like New York City has opened it's arms for what's to come: Fashion Week. Drops of rain dotted the 18th floor's floor-to-ceiling windows, making the city a perfect blurry backdrop. Even in the rain, the tanned fashion crowd gathered for a night of celebration, of welcoming back. Last year we brought the mystical it-girl BANKS – this year it was the one and only, Miss Eryka Badu. You've never heard anything like the dizzyingly powerful songstress performing a soulful hour-long set at Top of The Standard. It was something special. Fortunately for you, we shot video... 


Cory Kennedy, André Saraiva
Lindsay Wixom, Mess Kid
Joey Bada$$ 
David Rabin & Nadya Nepomnyashaya
Donna D'Cruz
Dion Lee
Jacquelyn Jablonski & Hanne Gaby
Hanne Gaby
Miss Badu breakin' it down 
Toni Garnn
David X Prutting & Mia Moretti


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