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Fulfill Your 3am Desires the Healthy Way

It's approximately 3am and you're looking for a little snack, but you know, something healthy and maybe even gluten-free. You're stomach isn't roaring "Roooom Service", but it's also not asking for a Snickers bar. No worries... The new mini-bar at The Standard, East Village is full of serious (and seriously good) options that are healthy, yummy, and locally sourced.

Dive in:

Granola bars from Lola Granola

Dried fruit and nuts from Russ & Daughters

Homemade candy bars and salted caramels from Liddabit Sweets

Tate's cookies

Carmel corn by Butter & Scotch

Chocolate dipped pretzels from Fatty Sundays

Beef Jerky from Kings County Jerky Co.

Plantain chips from MitiMiti

Kettle cooked chips from North Fork

More mini-bar reading right this way...

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