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The Smile's Secret Weapon, a Wrapper in Need, and Other Goings-on in the East Village

Melia Marden at work

• You love The Smile, we love The Smile, everyone you know loves The Smile. Now read about the woman behind it, Melia Marden, over at The Aesthete. She has a new Greek-influenced cookbook out this week called Modern Mediterranean.

• You spent your best years blacked out at Mars Bar and carried amps for Richard Hell, but are you punk enough for The Met Ball? Test yourself at

• Local wrap artist Amanda Browder likes to cover stuff in cloth — houses, vehicles, you name it. For her next project she wants to drape a building on East Fourth Street with donated fabrics, but needs your help to do it. Fourth Arts Block, a neighborhood non-profit, commissioned the new work, which she hopes to install in September on a building, TBD.

• Beloved LES landmark Max Fish is moving to Brooklyn, but first they need a liquor license. Help them ease the pain by signing this petition!

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